Team LifeProof mountain-biking star Brendan Fairclough has been changing the face of the sport across his career and has become one of the most famous faces in the starting blocks. Known for his unique style and his ‘give it everything’ attitude, that either puts him on the podium or skidding off the track for taking a turn too hard, it’s his unshakable determination that the world has come to love.

After 16 years of competing Brendan knows what he loves about the sport and where he feels there is room for improvement. Join us as we sit down with Brendog to give you the scoop on where he see’s the future of Downhill Mountain Biking…

The biggest thing I’d really like to see is the sport going back onto TV, with Red Bull coming back on board we will have access to a much broader audience and their media house is just incredible for capturing the best moments and pushing sports to the next level. We used to have a TV presence way back in the day and I can really see it coming back in with a few small changes. That will be extremely exciting for the sport and all of us athletes trying to push the sport to the next level.

As far as the layout of the sport goes, in my opinion I’d like to see less athletes, so at the moment we have 80+ athletes taking to the track, I’d prefer to see 30 of the fastest athletes competing. By only having the fastest and most technical riders on the tracks we can make the courses way crazier and gnarlier with bigger jumps, steeper tracks with overall just faster more competitive runs. This would make the event even better for TV and commercials, plus it would make all of us racers step up our game.

I’m not sure that things will change that quickly, but I’d definitely like to see the sport pushed towards this. It will make things more exciting for everyone and hopefully show outside sponsors how much the world cup has to offer and allow them to get involved.

In terms of locations I’d really like to see a lot more North American rounds. As I feel that we really utilize the landscape of Europe with the 5 or 6 rounds we have here. Especially with the US having the biggest mountain bike scene and it only hosting one event in Quebec, Canada. There are so many gnarly locations that can host event. Then in general I’d love see more rounds, at the moment we have 7 or 8 rounds, but we’re all able for 12 or 14 events without burning out.

Some inspirational words from Brendan on where he see’s World Cup evolving to, how do you feel about his vision? Let us know in the comment section below.