On Thursday February 16th, French Freestyle Skiing pro Kevin Rolland will start the 3rd stage of the Halfpipe Ski World Cup in Bokwang, South Korea. He will then compete in the Grand Final in Tignes, France on March 7th. This stage in Korea will be special as it is a pre-Olympic test: skiers will be riding on the Winter Olympics 2018 pipe!

This is an opportunity for Rolland, who is an inspirational Team LifeProof athlete, halfpipe World Champion and multi-award-winning X GAMES medalist, to come back from his January 2017 crash at Aspen X GAMES.

Having started the 2017 X GAMES as a firm favourite and defending champion, Rolland fell heavily in his first Superpipe run. The fact he escaped unscathed is little short of a miracle. Rolland rose to his feet after the shock fall and pushed beyond his limits to return for a second run. He managed to push past the pain and finished 8th place overall.

It was an agonising time for this incredible athlete. Rolland relentlessly strives to be the best and focuses his attention and energy on his true obsession; X GAMES Gold.

Regardless of the circumstances, time or grueling training required, Rolland constantly drives himself forward. With his mind focused, heart pounding and the icy rush of adrenaline in his veins, Kevin Rolland approaches every competitive situation as if it will be his last.

Each year, a year of intense preparation all boils down to 30 seconds of crucial competition…