You’ve seen the lows, now it’s time for stoke level 1000 in the final episode of Deathgrip Diaries, The Highs. It goes without saying that traveling the world with the your best mates in search of the raddest lines will bring about good times and this episode captures that perfectly. We’ve no doubt that this episode will get your blood pumping to not only get out and take up mountain biking but will have you craving more, you’re in luck as the final movie launches on the 30th May, exclusively on iTunes.

DEATHGRIP mixes the unique style of Brendan Fairclough with the influential film maker, Clay Porter, and slams them together into an in-your-face, non-stop onslaught of race-pace action, set against Planet Earth scenery. It pushes mountain biking to a new level of intensity and documents the sport in a way that has never been seen before. Stay tuned for the final DEATHGRIP Diaries, dropping the same time next week! The final movie will be ready to view on the 30th May.