Bartek Wolinski

We didn’t think it could get bigger and gnarlier than 2016 but Red Bull took Rampage to another level this year. With bigger jumps, drops and flips, 18 of the worlds best riders came together to compete in the most hardcore freeride mountain bike event in the 2017 calendar.

Team LifeProof’s Cam Zink came to the event knowing this would be his last time competing and wanted to make it one to remember and he did just that. Throwing down a high-stakes backflip from a bone shattering 90 foot drop, which he labeled as the scariest jump he has ever made. His run wasn’t without mistake, unfortunately Cam crashed out during a front flip later in his run. Even with this crash Cam managed to take home 2nd place in his final event. What a way to close out the career of the most progressive rider in the industry. It’s a sad day for the sport as Cam is one of the key reasons freeride mountain biking is as big as it is today, continually pushing for bigger and badder stunts he captured the hearts of the world and will always be a legend in the sport.

Kurt Sorge came out with all guns firing to become the first three-time Rampage winner and freeride’s next generation shredder, 20-year-old Ethan Nell, scoring third place — watch all the riders’ best moves from Rampage No. 12 in the video below.